Domaine de Guillemarine Picpoul de Pinet, 2010

Just watched Captain America, and the most prominent theme, besides ‘MERICA!, seemed to be “hooray for the little guy.” So this post is a celebration of one of the little wines, a wine with of small stature and little renown… a bottle with a secret and startling strength. Heroic, searingly-youthful-yet-sometimes-muscular wine. That’s right: a French wine. Sorry, ‘MERICA?

So let’s address the grape: Picpoul. Picpoul grows mostly in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, particularly in the Picpoul de Pinet appellation, and is a very straightforward grape, with fresh, clean fruit aromas. White wines made from Picpoul tend to be green-gold in color, medium-bodied, with lively citrus notes and a zest that makes them perfect for summer quaffing. They’re casual, approachable, and simple.

This particular Picpoul de Pinet, the 2010 Domaine de Guillemarine bottling, is right in line with what I’d expect of this white. Straw gold in the glass with a tinge of green, very pale and crystal clear. A nose just chock full of lemons, lime zest, and slight gooseberry notes. The citrus carries right through in the mouth, with snappy acidity and a quenching finish hinting at stony mineral. You won’t find a better wine for Friday movie nights, provided the genre is action, the theater is outdoors, and it’s August. All that flavor for a price even the little guy can tackle: $12.


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